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I am really really interested in this. I have a masters in Biotechnology and have worked in the biofuel research lab sector and the fermentation microbial food sector and currently dabling with programming, web 3 and teaching content creation. I see a huge need for a solution for the problem You described here, I don't think it makes sense in growing biotechnology in seperate silos which creates a lotttt of frustrations and inefficiency that i have seen first hand and this is a Real Solution. I am so glad I found your substack. I would love to be a contributor in any way I can. I really believe in the potential for this. Good luck!

I live in peterborough, Ontario Canada and I am originally from a desert state called rajasthan, India where I want to help villagers grow such super plants that can grow with less water and survive the harsh conditions and also help with global warming and biodiversity.

My LinkedIn ID is /in/abhishek-udawat. Please consider getting in touch. I think I can help!

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